Saturday, May 8, 2010


Driving back from Tri Cities takes one through the Yakima Valley on Interstate 82, then up and over several anticlinal ridges of the Yakima Fold Belt between Yakima and Ellensburg.  The Yakima River has cut through these ridges as they were folded.  I usually like to drive the meandering Canyon Road that follows the Yakima River through this gorgeous canyon but I was eager to get home.  There's a great vista point just before you drop into the Kittitas Valley, a land of ranches and hay fields devolving into ranchettes and McMansions.  Wind farms are sprouting up like alfalfa hay on the surrounding ridges.

I made a stop in Cle Elum and tried out a new place.  It looks like a dive but they make a fantastic burger on a French roll.

It was on over Snoqualmie Pass through some of the nicest mountain scenery anywhere in the country.  It's hard to appreciate it as you weave through the traffic on Interstate 90.

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