Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Birdbox Replacement

After over 20 years of use by generations of chestnut-backed chickadees, the birdbox on the big Douglas fir finally wore out.  Another bird, perhaps a woodpecker, had excavated a hole in the side and was in the process of stuffing it with shredded cedar bark.  I never saw the usurper.  The old birdbox had been occupied by chickadees every spring, except one year when I didn't clean it out, bumblebees took it over.

I went out to Wild Birds Unlimited and bought a brand new replacement birdbox, one constructed of fine-grained cedar with a metal-clad roof.  This one should last another 20 years.  The old birdbox was nailed to a young cedar out in front.  Maybe bumblebees will take it over again or maybe a family of wrens.

The old and the new.
A big hole in the side and smaller holes made by powder post beetles.
The new birdbox ready and waiting.

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