Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Day 2: Twin Falls to Moab

Another long day of driving, but not as long or far as yesterday.  The weather was much nicer today.  We breakfasted at the hotel in Twin Falls.  When all was said and done, we hit the highway around 9 am.  We made a rest stop near the Idaho-Utah border where we started seeing some nice mountain scenery.  We made the outskirts of Salt Lake City around 1 pm.  We stopped at a Costco in Bountiful for gas and lunch.

I've been to Salt Lake City several times over the years for project work and a couple times during college for skiing.  The drivers in Salt Lake, for the most part, have that furtive lane changing, catch up to the next guy style, constantly speeding.  No one seems to want to get into a groove and chill at a comfortable speed.  I was glad to leave SLC behind.  People, a monster truck is not a sports car.

The drive over the Wasatch backbone on US 6 was very scenic.  From there it just got better and better.  As we got closer to Moab it started to look like LA smog.  We speculated that it was from the fires in northern Arizona.

We finally made it into Moab about 6 pm.  We had a passable dinner at a place called Zax.  We have three nights here at the Hampton Inn.  Tomorrow rafting down Westwater Canyon.

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