Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vacation Day 4: Evening Hummer Tour

After snoozing away most of the afternoon in the air conditioned comfort of our hotel room, we met up again at 6 pm for the evening Hummer tour.  This was easy, just sit back and let the guide crawl the Hummer over rock and sand.  This tour is kind of the stock tour for the couch potato class.  We embarked with four full Hummers, each holding eight people.  We shared our Hummer with a family from upstate New York, a notoriously conservative part of the country, somewhat the antithesis of western Washington.  They weren't very chatty and we weren't either after spending the first part of the day canyoneering.

Our guide Steve, was a former science teacher and, as I found out later from him, he is the high school principal.  One of the other guides was a police officer in town.  I got the impression that if you had connections in Moab, you could moonlight as a guide and collect juicy tips from tourists.

Our first stop was to look at dinosaur tracks, which were difficult to see after being run over thousands of times by Jeeps, Hummers, Unimogs, and a few mountain bikes.  Steve talked about the dinosaurs and Navajo sandstone.

The Hummers are amazing vehicles.  However, unless you are a serious off-road enthusiast who likes fixing broken things, you probably wouldn't want to take your shiny new FJ Cruiser on these tracks.

This sunset tour was a great way to end our stay in Moab.  Tomorrow Flagstaff, another six hour drive.

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